Why Sapphire Tube Is Ideal For Laser, Medical & Industrial Applications

Sapphire Tube

The unique composition in crystal Sapphire (Al2O3) is due to its outstanding chemical, optical, thermal, mechanical, and physical properties. If you are looking for a hard and durable substitute next to diamond, sapphire is the best choice.

Diamond is a costly gemstone, which you can’t utilize in various applications that require structures like rods or tubes. This is why many industries include products like a sapphire tube and/or rod to meet their specific requirements.

 In this post, I will try to explain the superior qualities of sapphire and why it can be used in diverse applications.

Features of Sapphire that makes it Preferable for Industrial Use

You will find sapphire is quite popular and widely used in industries that specifically involve rods, tubes, and sheets. Due to multiple properties in this material, the sapphire tube is often used to fix complex design issues by engineers.

To know the features of sapphire tubes and products made of them, you can go through the following points.

  • Hardest and scratch-proof (second to Diamond)
  • High melting point (>2000 degree Celsius)
  • Withstand harsh chemicals
  • Transmit microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, & visible light
  • Offers resistance to abrasion
  • Biocompatible (chemically insoluble and inert)
  • Used to create complex shapes

As you can see, the properties discussed above make sapphire preferable for various designs and industrial applications. Its composition is suitable for withstanding high temperature, and harsh chemicals.

If you expose this material to industrial fluids and gases, there will be no further generation of particles. Moreover, due to its extreme pressure handling ability, you can rely on sapphire tubes for observing operations safely. Many analysts utilize sapphire products to analyze gasses and fluids.

I hope there is no confusion on why you find sapphire tubes and rods in different industries these days.  So, let me cover some modern-day applications that are relying on sapphire tubes.

List of Applications where you can Utilize Sapphire Tubes

I have found some incredible applications of sapphire tubes and industries that utilize them. The list is below.

Industrial Application

According to industry experts, sapphire tubes and sapphire rods only react to hot or molten caustic salts. This means you can easily use a sapphire tube in applications that require resistance to caustics, molten metal, and various acids. Therefore, sapphire products are in great demand in chemical processing and handling departments.

There are industrial applications that involve working with sensors other than UV or IR. Here, it becomes mandatory to protect these sensors from mechanical stress and extreme pressure. Hence, you can install sapphire tubes in such hostile conditions for the ultimate protection of sensitive sensors.

Lamp Envelop and Lamps

You will observe that manufacturing lamp material and plasma chambers involve sapphire tubes. Some applications include high-intensity lamps, ultraviolet sterilization, electronic infrared measurements, and flash lamps.

Besides, to manufacture IR and UV lamps, there is nothing else suitable than sapphire tubes. Hence, you can use a sapphire tube for transmitting visible, Infra Red, and Ultraviolet rays due to its thermal robustness.

Test & Analytical Measurements

There are analytical sectors and test instruments where you can find sapphire tubes, which are as follows:

  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Thermo-optic device
  • Petroleum processing
  • Chemical & biological analysis
  • Nuclear resonance spectroscopy

You can include sapphire tubes in these applications as they are chemically resistant and less reactive to harsh chemicals and surroundings. 

Semiconductor Industry

In semiconductor processing, you will notice the inclusion of sapphire tubes in place of silicon carbide, alumina, and quartz. Some other applications in this sector include:

  • Thermocouple protection assembly
  • Gas injection process
  • Plasma containment tube

So, you will find various applications and industrial sectors where sapphire tubes are a huge hit. I came across UltiTech Sapphire, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of sapphire products including tubes, rods, and many more.  

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