Unfortunate bike accidents might raise the need for an attorney

bike accident attorney

Accidents are chaotic and can destroy lives and the future. With an unexpected accident, come the injury, loss of property, and the medical bill, which could be enough to ruin someone’s life. Bike accidents can be particularly ugly, given their nature. They are every biker’s nightmare, but it happens every day, especially because of the carelessness of drivers and even pedestrians. Cases that involve bike accidents can be complex and without proper legal representation, the claim for compensation might result in a loss. If I am a biker, I would never want to suffer for someone else’s carelessness. Why do I need a Houston bike accident attorney? Without experienced legal help, the physical injury caused by the accident, the continuous piling of the medical bills, and the loss of compensation would turn my life into a nightmare. Any sensible biker would not want that to happen. That is why it is a good idea to seek the help of a good bike accident lawyer in case of an unfortunate accident.

What to after the accident

The first thing to give attention immediately after the accident is to assessment of bodily harm done and seeking the proper medical care. In some cases, the symptom of a serious injury may take a few days to show, so it is of paramount importance to seek medical care immediately after an accident. In case of minor injury, one must take note of the event properly, gather contact details of witnesses if possible, and take pictures of the vehicle damage, injury, accident scene and the person responsible. It is not wise to try and handle the total situation all alone, because bike accident can send the victim in a loop, and insurance companies may and will try to undervalue the compensation claim while trying to show they are trying to help.

Need of an attorney

An unfortunate bike accident is accompanied by the injury suffered, the resulting medical bill, loss of income, and the loss or damage of property. If the accident is the result of the negligence of another person, the victim may choose to file a claim for compensation.  Insurance companies may try to undervalue the damage as they are profit-oriented organizations, but an experienced bike accident lawyer stands by the victim’s side and shows him the road to recovery while managing the claim and arranging the due compensation. An experienced abogado de accidente de auto may investigate the accident scene, gather witness statements, gather and review police and accident reports, inspect and document the damage done to the vehicle, investigate the driving history of the defendant party, contact experts to analyze medical records and determine the fault which caused the accident. Payment under PIP insurance may not always cover the damage, so in that case, the attorney can complete the necessary PIP steps to complete collection, determine the fault, and file a case against the at-fault party. PIP insurance does not cover medical conditions like concussions, skull fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, broken bones, paralysis, or death. In that case, a lawsuit may be filed to recover past and future medical costs, loss of income, and compensation for loss and suffering.

All these legal processes are filled with jargon that may confuse the victim and tons of paperwork which is enough to frustrate him. Moreover, the insurance company always tries to make a settlement for cheap, so without proper guidance, the victim may be at loss on all sides. A bike accident attorney represents the victim, not an insurance company. So if someone suffers a bike accident due to driver’s negligence, faulty road conditions, or a poorly designed bike, the lawyer will stand by the victim’s side to negotiate and arrange a settlement beneficial to the victim. The claim value of the compensation may depend on the circumstances of the accident as well as injuries suffered and resulting loss. An experienced lawyer will figure out the past and future medical expenses, the pain and suffering, past and future income loss, emotional duress. Even if the biker shares a little portion of the fault, the attorney can ensure the victim gets full or partial compensation for the damage suffered, which is almost impossible without seeking out an experienced and professional lawyer, who makes the assessment of the case, provides valuable advice and guidance and ensures the compensation the victim deserves.          

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