The Best VPNs For Being Completely Anonymous On The Internet


If your goal is to be completely anonymous on the internet, you are going to need to choose a quality VPN provider that offers a perfect level of anonymity. Not all of them are so good in this category and we’ll bring you our pick of the best anonymous VPNs in 2021. With them, you’ll be really safe to browse without anyone seeing what you’re doing. 

To be completely anonymous on the internet is the dream of many internet users. If you too think that being anonymous on the web is a luxury reserved for professionals and Internet users who only have the financial means and technical skills, then you are completely wrong.

Nowadays, you can very well be anonymous on the internet for a few dollars using the VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a system that encrypts all packets entering and leaving the user’s computer.

For this, it uses VPN protocols which also allow the user to change IP automatically or manually depending on the provider he has chosen best mac vpn

Anonymity on the Internet

As stated above, VPN has been primarily developed to encrypt the user’s internet connection. But since it uses VPN protocols to be functional, it is also able to change the user’s IP.

Consequently, when the latter connects to the web, it no longer leaves any personal fingerprints because it uses another IP address. The VPN will allow you to hide your IP address in just one click!

Proxy or VPN? This may be the question you are currently asking yourself. The proxy is also a system that allows an Internet user to surf the Internet anonymously. It is quite reliable but much less than the VPN which is much more secure and which offers the user some very interesting additional features.

With VPN for example, you can choose the IP address you plan to use. With the proxy, this is not the case, but this option is very useful for bypassing geo-censorship in a well-defined country.

The best anonymity VPNs on the internet

There are currently several names of suppliers on the market. To enjoy quality service, we recommend that you turn to VPNs to be anonymous on the internet for a fee.

Free solutions are unreliable and severely lacking in functionality, which is why they are not recommended.

The best-paid anonymous VPNs of the year are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. These three providers will allow you to be completely anonymous on the web in a few clicks.


With its double VPN and its VPN on the TOR network, NordVPN is truly the best VPN for being anonymous on the internet and browsing anonymously in 2021.

The operation of the double VPN means that the second server does not even know the origin of your IP because it has first passed through another server before. It truly offers the ultimate in security and anonymity on the internet.

The downside of double VPN is that it is a huge drop in speed and should ONLY be used if you have a very, very important need for anonymity. For people who just want to download, stream, or unblock censored sites, a simple VPN with 256-bit AES encryption will be more than enough.

However, for people looking for the best VPN to be anonymous on the internet, there won’t be any better than NordVNP.


ExpressVPN is also a reliable VPN service provider. The prices of its offers range from 6.67 dollars per month for an annual subscription up to 12.95 dollars per month for a monthly subscription.

For each package: unlimited bandwidth, support for the common OS, unlimited connection speed, and the possibility of activating the simultaneous connection.

Whether you are looking for a VPN for Germany, China, the USA, or France, it will be really excellent and allow you to be anonymous on the internet.

It really is a great VPN provider when your privacy comes into play. Its stability and protection against all leaks (WebRTC IPv6, DNS, etc.) will offer you everything you need to browse the internet anonymously with a VPN.

Cyber Ghost

If you’re looking for a VPN to be anonymous on the internet, you might as well turn to CyberGhost.

Indeed, this provider offers a very good level of anonymity with its military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Its applications are very well done and obviously have the Kill Switch.

The important point when looking for the best VPN to be anonymous on the internet in 2021, we must of course make sure that it does not keep any logs at all.

If he can, ESCAPE!

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