Questions one needs to ask before buying a flat


Buying a flat is always a bit more complicated than buying a house. And this is because of several reasons. There are many things that one needs to consider and also one needs to ask the right questions at the right time so that they do not regret their decisions later.

So, when one is looking for 2 BHK flats for sale in Vartak Nagar, then one needs to ask some pertinent and major questions before they land upon any final decision. These are the major things that one needs to know:

  • Firstly one needs to ask and know about the freehold and leasehold properties. Freehold property is one where one owns the home with mortar and brick and also the land on which it has been built. But when it is a leasehold property then one has to buy the right to occupy their property. But the land belongs to someone else; in most cases the leaseholders. Here, the lease is the agreement between the parties which is needed to be checked by a solicitor. So this is kind of a complicated matter which one needs to clear out.
  • If it is a leasehold property then one needs to know that if they are buying that one they can live in that property for a set of time. In most cases, it can amount to up to 999 years. With time, the lease keeps changing hands and the value of it also keeps reducing. So when one is buying a property on lease one must check that the lease is remaining for at least 80 more years. If the lease is running out and there is no chance of extension, then they must not go for it.
  • One also needs to know how many services charge and the ground rent they need to play in order to live in that property and who is majorly responsible if there is a need for repairs in any communal areas. One needs to ask that how much the service charges cost and how much it covers.
  • Before buying a flat one needs to ask the owner if they can make any kind of alterations in the property if they like or if there are any kind of restrictions there. There are sometimes many subtle things that one finds out later and it can turn out to be a bit problematic. If one already has big plans of altering the property after buying it then one has to check with their solicitor whether the lease allows for those changes at all. One may also need to get written consent from their landlords in many cases.
  • When one is buying a flat then they are finally getting the freedom of having their own home. But a flat is always located in an apartment and so one needs to check the restrictions that have already been imposed before buying a flat there.

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