Latest SEO Trends For 2021


2021 just landed and everyone is kicking their plans into action. However, many webmasters fail to stop and look at SEO trends to make their efforts successful. Don’t be like them. Let DubSEO help you out.

Working with the best SEO company in London will take your website to the first SERPs.

Give yourself to study and apply these latest trends from us for a successful SEO strategy.

Never underestimate the power of valuable content

Keep it at the back of your mind that the other SEO trends will take you nowhere if your contents are not relevant and satisfying. Google will not even give a second consideration to poorly written posts, not to talk of making it rank.

Don’t even think that you can craft some short articles and pour in all the keywords in the world for your post to rank. It won’t work. The internet has grown too old for that trick and is now out for quality and nothing less. Instead, do intensive keyword research, pick the relevant few and build on them.

Choose the right traffic intent

Some bloggers sometimes get so concerned about having the traffic and increase in the number of viewers. Though that is not bad, it can be a gateway to failure if it not done with the right intentions.

Getting millions of viewers to click on your site each month may work but certainly not if your real intention was to get them to buy. There must be more than an aimless search for traffic. If you want people to click the ‘Buy Now’ button, be focused on giving them a reason.

Prove that you are credible

Have you heard of E.A.T.? This stands Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google wants to know that you have the credibility to discuss the issue you are creating content on, and as such, you must prove yourself.

Do thorough researches about each topic and do not think twice about writing intensively on them. Ensure all your data are proven and try as much as you can not get negative reviews. It kills trust.

Take care of your about page and ensure you present yourself as knowledgeable in the area (don’t lie). Gather positive reviews from the internet and Backlink authoritative sites; get them to backlink you too if you can.

Use local SEO

The pandemic has taught a lot of people the importance of local SEO. With people being restricted to their local environment, they needed more goods and services within their locality more than the outside.

Google also made restrictions and implemented new policies that helped promote local businesses. This was in the form of new search filters that produced the SERPs’ results prioritised by location.

This is still relevant, and you should take the local SEO vital if you have any need to succeed in your locality.

Make your business flexible

The world keeps changing, and this will never stop. So, you need to adjust your business to suit the changing world.

Looking at what happened during the lockdown, people could not move around, so they opted for services with delivery, restaurants with takeaways, video/photo tours, and even online consultations with hospitals.

Your business’s relevance in every circumstance determines its success. However, your users need to know how they can benefit from these changes. A detailed video coupled with local and on-page SEO will help achieve this.

You need a great user experience (UX)

There is more to the success of your website than just quality content. In fact, without a great user experience, visitors may not even access your content.

So, ensure that the time for loading your page is as short as possible, and give a straightforward and well-arranged menu. Fix broken download links and get people to inspect your website and tell you what they feel is wrong.

Tidy up your mobile search

The mobile version of a website is now considered the primary version instead of the desktop. This tells you the necessity for you to make your website usable by the 80% of internet users out there (you know almost everyone accesses the internet with a smartphone now).

Optimize for voice search

Think of it; people are either getting too busy or lazy to type for searches; so, they opt for voice search. If you have not optimized your website for voice search, you fall behind the line.

You can do this by starting your paragraphs with the commonly spoken queries. Some of them are ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘when’, etc.

Also, you have to know the niches where people use voice search more and see if yours is among them. Because voice searches are done mostly from mobile devices, it is more than necessary to optimize mobile SEO.

Invest in video marketing strategy

Only 20% of visitors spend time to read a blog post. The others prefer to learn from visuals like photos and videos. Videos make learning fun and interesting, considering that it is accessible on every device; it makes your content go viral.

Upload your videos on YouTube, or trim them short and upload them on Instagram. YouTube is right after Google, and almost everyone finds it interesting to watch short, catchy videos on Instagram. These platforms are your sure ways to having the clients that buy.

Secure your data

So, having a website with an unsecured status is one of the quickest ways to drop your ranking. Most people even use firewalls that notify them when they are treading an unsecured zone. Don’t make your website be that. Invest in an SEO company and let them help take your website to the required standard.


Trends keep changing, and we may not be able to predict the next. However, we are sure that it will not easily compromise the relevance of quality content and keyword research. Content optimization remains the key to success out here; know it, and make an impact.

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