Knowing These Secrets Will Make Giving Indian Veterinary Products Effortless!

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Pets—be at cat, dog, horse, cow or any other, are excellent company for pet owners. Most pet owners would love to be with them, for many reasons. It is hard for pet parents when their loved animals are sick. Pet owners face difficulty while administering Indian Veterinary Products to the pets, as most animals would not enjoy having medication, just like human beings. 

The bitter and disgusting taste puts off the animals, and they would not only resist, but a few animals would vomit these medicines. The best veterinary pharmaceutical company in India, with its counterparts, are trying to bring changes in the taste and smell, to makes it easy for the pet-parent or the animal care-taker to administer medication.

If you are one of the pet parents, looking for tips to make your loved animal consume medicine, then this is the perfect blog for you. All these tips, suggested by a veterinary pharmaceutical company in India are:

  • Mix it in their milk treat: Most pets love to have milk. Hence, the manufacturers suggest mixing Indian Veterinary Products, such as tablets or supplement, in milk. The sweetened milk will fade the fiddly smell and bitter taste. Pet parents can also try the fruity flavours that most pets love, to ease the stress of administering medicines. 
  • Hiding in sausages: The easiest way is to hide the pill in a sausage. In general, the pets enjoy this treat, and not realise the presence of medication. But, you should be careful that the pet does not know. If the pet realises that you have hidden the medicine, then you need to find another solution. 
  • Putting it in the daily meal: One of the most common ways suggested by oral medicine and veterinary injections manufacturers in India is to mix the tablet or the powder supplement into the pet’s daily meal. Adding it in a cup of biscuits or pet-loved food would blend in the taste, saving the trouble of feeding medicine. If the animal feels a slight change in the food, they will not bother, allowing parents to make it a habit. 
  • Cover it with chocolate: Everybody is aware that dogs and cats are huge fans of chocolate. You can add liquid medicine or the powdered tablet into chocolate biscuit or candy. One trendy veterinary pharmaceutical company in India suggest dipping tablets in chocolates, making it easy for both parties.
  • Taking the pet for a walk: If you take the pet for a walk, and in between, you can disguise it and give it. The animal would be so engrossed in the park and open-air, as it would not differentiate the change in smell and taste.  
  • Put it on top of the pet’s front paws: If the medicine is in liquid or powder form, then you can mix it with peanut butter and apply it to the animal’s front paws. The animal would lick the medicated cream; thus consuming the medicine. 

In most cases, these disguise games would work, but a few pets are smart enough to find the game their parent is playing. In such cases, vets prescribe products manufactured by veterinary injections manufacturers in India. It could also be a challenge for the parent.

As a last resort, you can learn to pop the pill into your pet’s mouth directly. An experienced vet would be able to show you the correct procedure. If you are scared of putting your fingers into the animal’s mouth, then you can use the pill gun. 

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