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egg yolk

According to a new study, high cholesterol foods like egg yolks don’t necessarily cause heart diseases.

Most of the previous studies have already condemned eggs and high cholesterol foods as they are known for offering negative effect on a person’s health. However, a new Finnish study suggests that eating such foods does not actually increase the risk of heart problems.

The research was conducted by examining 1, 000 fit men with an age bracket between 42 to 60 years old. Of all the participants, one-third of them are said to have an ApoE4 or Apolipoprotein E4 which is a gene type that is said to promote the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

Each of the individuals’ diets were examined by letting them answer some questionnaires. They were then followed for about 21 years in which 230 of them developed coronary artery disease along the way.

Also, all of the participants in the study were consuming 2, 800 mg of cholesterol on average in which one fourth of it came from eating an average of four eggs weekly.

The results show that there is no link that connects cardiovascular disease and cholesterol consumption. The findings are both applicable for both ApoE4 and non ApoE4 carriers despite of the fact that some of the control factors like age, education, BMI, diabetes and hypertension were adjusted.

In a statement, Jyrki Viranen gave a summary concerning the result of the study.

“Moderate intake of cholesterol doesn’t seem to increase the risk of heart disease, even among those people at higher risk,” explained by the professor of epidemiology at the University of Eastern Finland.

The result also showed that consumption of dietary cholesterol does not produce an increase of high level blood cholesterol. This also means that eating an egg a day is not bad for the health.

The new study is now published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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