Everything you need to know about iPhone parts replacement

iPhone parts replacement

One thing you must know that getting a non-functioning or malfunctioning iPhone can actually prove to be very difficult and in most situations, getting an iPhone in that condition fixed. It can actually cost you a great sum of money. Regardless of whether you have managed to bust the home button or break your screen, you can consider the option of getting the broken parts fixed. Sometimes the results of iPhone parts replacement need to be taken with a pinch of salt, so read on further to get a very good idea of what you are likely to get once the original parts have been successfully replaced. Most iPhone users begin facing hardware problems after 1 or 2 years of usage and the best thing to do in such situations would be to take the iPhone to the Apple Store for parts replacement, instead of wasting your precious time, in fixing it on your own. Broken screens, non-functioning home buttons, non-functional touch ID, non-functional fingerprint biometrics, and inadequate response of the touch panel are some of the most common issues that iPhone users face.

Official Store for Part Replacement

 If you intend to get your broken Apple iPhone parts repaired, then the best way to go about things would be to take your iPhone to the official apple store for replacement of the parts. One thing you must do before visiting the store is to book an appointment with the repair executives of the store, well in advance. If you happen to live pretty far from the official apple store, then you can consider the option of mailing the device or sending the same to Apple’s authorized service provider. To avoid last-minute disappointment and to get the best service, you must make it a point to carry the invoice along with the extended warranty papers of the device. If your device is covered under the warranty then all the repairs and replacement will be done for free, but on the other hand, if the repairs and replacement do not cover the device then you might have to pay some out-of-warranty fees. You can expect to get your phone in around 10-14 days.

Independent repair shops

Getting your iPhone fixed at official Apple stores can actually end up costing you a lot of money and since the turnaround time is very long, you can explore options like independent repair and replacement shops. One of the main reasons for opting for independent repair shops is that in comparison to official apple stores, they tend to operate on a much faster level. Further, they also provide same-day solutions if you need to get parts like the camera, battery, screen, home button, and motherboard replaced. The key benefit of trying independent repair and replacement parts shops is that since they don’t source their parts from Apple directly and instead source the same from iPhone repair parts supplier, the prices charged by such stores are comparatively much lower, and further you get the chance to avail very cost-effective solutions when you do business with them. Despite not being authorized repair shops, some iPhone repair companies provide warranty claims of their own.

The Bottom Line

It can be said without the slightest bit of doubt that there are actually a lot of options for getting your iPhone repaired. Experts of both authorized and non-authorized repair stores can easily fix issues that might not have been recognized earlier. One important thing you must note is that the parts replacement in some models of the iPhone can actually cause the non-functioning of some models of the iPhone. Since most of the elements in an iPhone are actually enabled at the factory level, you can expect to notice some issues even after a repair has been done by the best of experts using parts of unquestionable quality from iPhone repair parts suppliers.

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