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Nowadays mobile gaming is getting very popular. Games like COD: Mobile took mobile games to another level. The real pain is when you get eliminated due to bad controls, a dying battery, bad audio, and running low on internal storage. The pro-gamers are having really good accessories with them to play games. We’ve rounded up the best accessories for mobile gaming.


If you are really fond of playing mobile games and always stuck in bad controls. This device is like a flip-up grip that holds your phone above the controller. The experience of this device is really like that you are playing console gaming. You can add this with almost any android phone to play games related to the action or strategy games for android. You can connect it with Bluetooth. It has an in-built 2200mAh battery used or helps to fend off empty-cell emergencies. The gamepad itself packs the full complement of shoulder buttons, triggers, sticks, and more – not to mention the full palm grips.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro

8Bitdo has created this Bluetooth controller to make mobile gaming better. This is full of all features or buttons which you need to play these modern mobile games. This controller includes rumble functions and dual-stick controls. This controller is best for nostalgic gamers looking to install some retro gaming emulators on your phone. It has all the controls which we need to play in modern or online games. This gives you the feeling of playing games on pc.


This is really one of the important accessories which are used to play games. The battery of your smartphone will drop very fast when you are playing online games. This gadget will help you to play your games for many hours. It is equipped with a 12,000mAh cell and charges your mobile phone 4 times and that’s enough for 2 days charging. Its weight is like the weight of two iPhones. You will love this gadget or power bank. It supports speedy 2.1A charging via the switch-tip Lightning/MicroUSB cable.


Mobile gaming depends on the audio and for that, we should use headphones for improving our gameplay. Without this, no mobile gaming collection would be completed. These headphones are from the best gaming company Razer. It is equipped with an in-line mic and controls, with large audio drivers and powerful Bass which is perfect for mobile gaming. It uses a 3.5mm jack, too, so it’ll play nice with almost anything. This is one of the best gadgets to have mobile gaming.

Samsung 128GB Evo Select microSD

This is a retro gamers’ best friend and should have all the gamers. On the mobile, you need more space to manage your games and other documents. You should have this type of microSD card for your important data. It has good space to load your games in it and play whenever you want to. Samsung makes reliable cards and the EVO Select 128GB offers the best value.

GameSir F1 Grip

There are many android phones which are really hard to handle or not comfortable while playing games. These make mobile gaming annoying and we always eliminate them while playing. The worst part about gaming on a phone for long stretches of time is that our phones weren’t designed to be held in the landscape for hours at a time. So this gadget is a universal phone grip accessory that can give your palms something substantial to rest. This makes mobile gaming very comfortable and enjoyable.

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If you’ve got an iDevice, then this gadget is very useful for you. This smart gadget makes sandwich your iPad or iPhone between the two controller nubs. It also offers headphone and Lightning ports of its own. This gadget is basically channeling your iPhone into a gaming machine. This is at 130g the handles have a decent weight. With all those additional input options on tap, it’s tough to complain about and on the best iPhone gaming gadgets.

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