6 Major Functions of the Human Growth Hormone in the Human Body

6 Major Functions of the Human Growth Hormone in the Human Body

Do you want to learn more about Human Growth Hormones? In this article, we are going to be talking about the functions of growth hormones. Without further ado, let’s discuss the 6 different functions of growth hormone. Moreover, we’ll also discuss about the physiology associated with that and how it relates to training alright let’s go ahead and dive into it;

Glucose Utilization

The first thing we’re going to think about with growth hormone is that it’s going to decrease our utilization of glucose. Now, why is that let’s think about the example of you ate a meal and then you fall asleep and your growth hormones increasing? We know growth hormone increases at night so what’s going to happen that’s going to cause a mobilization of fat. We’ll talk about that a little bit later but basically, that mobilization of fat into the bloodstream is going to decrease our reliance on glucose as a fuel source. Anytime the growth hormone increases we don’t have to use glucose quite as much.

Glycogen Synthesis

When we also think about that we’re going to think about glycogen. It’s just a polymer of glucose it’s just the short-term storage of glucose in our muscles in our liver. Glycogen is formed by basically just a combination of a bunch of glucose molecules so when we think about glycogen it basically has an anti-insulin effect. It doesn’t allow insulin to do its job of storing glucose as glycogen

IGF-1 Release

When we think of the role of a hormone overall they’re flowing around in the bloodstream and basically telling other things what to do. So we think about growth hormone; it’s released in the anterior pituitary, it flows around in the bloodstream and then it goes and whenever the liver picks it up it stimulates the release of igf-1 insulin-like growth factor-1. That release of insulin-like growth factor-1 can stimulate amino acid transport in improvements as well as increases in muscle protein synthesis.

Basically, you can think of it as providing a situation that’s most optimal for promoting muscle protein synthesis cell repair, and tissue growth.

Fatty Acid Utilization & Lipolysis

we have fatty acid utilization increases and increase lipolysis. Basically, lipolysis is the breakdown of a glycerol backbone off of the fatty acid chain. If we think about an adipocyte stored fat, so a big stored fat molecule. We have a glycerol backbone and then some fatty acid chains if we break the fatty acid chain off the glycerol that fatty acid chain can leave the adipocyte and it can go and break down into acetyl co a and be used for energy. Therefore, growth hormone actually promotes that process of lipolysis and then fatty acid utilization.

Collagen Synthesis & Cartilage Growth

These are both promoted by an increasing growth hormone. Collagen and cartilage are important for things like tendons ligaments and joints structures. Growth hormone is going to be a molecule that in the bloodstream promotes tissue growth and collagen growth and cartilage growth environment. An increase in growth hormone in the bloodstream helps with immune cell functioning. This is because as growth hormone moves throughout the bloodstream, it’s going to stimulate releases of other cells like t-cells, b-cells, and cytokines. These are all related to processes such as inflammation and repair within the immune cell.

Increase in Electrolytes

Our last function of growth hormone is actually an increase in electrolytes like nitrogen, sodium potassium, and phosphorus. Basically, growth hormone has an effect on the renin-angiotensin system that regulates the electrolyte balance and the water balance within our body. When we increase growth hormone, that regulation is going to promote storage or maintenance of the electrolytes that we have which is getting to promote an overall tissue growth environment.

To recap overall, a hormone is something that floats around in the bloodstream and communicates between different cells and organs. Growth hormone;

  • Decreases our reliance on glucose
  • Stimulates igf-1
  • Increases amino acid transport
  • Helps us promote muscle protein synthesis
  • Break down fats and move them out into the bloodstream
  • Helps us promote collagen synthesis, immune cell function, and the retention of electrolytes

Hopefully, this has been helpful in improving your understanding of growth Hormone. If you want to buy legit human growth hormone-like humatrope 72 iu, you can check out the reliable providers online.

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