4 Amazing Content Marketing Trends To Focus In 2021

Content Marketing Trends

The content marketing concept is expanding a lot over time. Businesses preferring digital marketing techniques are now accepting this marketing concept to find ways to stand out and be with the current trend. However, the content marketing techniques used earlier are far different from the trends now.

Check in to a content marketing agency in India. The experts are well-equipped with the knowledge regarding the latest content marketing ways. They ensure using the best way to find several marketing opportunities for business.

Content is something that you can’t avoid. Whether you choose PPC marketing or SEO or social media marketing, you have to deal with content for triggering the results. This year, we will find an advanced version of the old content marketing techniques. The stats and facts have proved that content marketing has taken a new route to leverage the business.

Let us discuss them in detail.

4 Amazing content marketing trends to work on this year

  1. Make your content more creative with infographics: Infographics are a great way to marketing business nowadays. In comparison to textual content, people are found more attracted to image content.

For example, if you browse social media channels, multiple varieties of image content are posted every day. Each has its own purpose. One such creative yet informative image content is infographics.

Infographics are designed to engage more audiences and generate more click-through rates. Studies have shown that infographics are much more readable and understandable. If you want to make your audience learn about a complex process, you can simply use infographics and share them on social channels for further attraction.

  • Give your content a voice: Another way to market your content is by adding a voice to it. 70% of B2B marketers are using voice content or video content with a voice-over to promote a brand or to spread brand awareness.

The amazing part is 50% of buyers, especially the tech buyers, prefer watching video content before deciding on any purchase. They are more storytelling and so are highly preferred by the online viewers.

On social media, people are much more driven towards video content instead of lengthy content. Maximum viewers are found spending time on videos and other visual content. Hence, prioritizing voice over the content or video content will be a great concept to market your business online.

  • Engage your audience with podcasts: Podcasts are getting more and more popular nowadays. Be it the bloggers or business personals, podcasts have become one favorite method to brand exposure.

Both audio and visual content are preferred by online viewers. Hence, if you are planning to market your content using podcasts, it’s a wonderful idea. This is because podcasts are quite engaging. They are more personalized hence contain more emotional content compared to the promotional ones.

For B2B business, podcasts have provided a great opportunity for collaboration. From leading interviews to connect with the clients and performing testimonials, podcasts content takes no time to reach the hearts of the listeners. With its personalized look, it brings insight into the business, allowing the clients to rely on the brand without giving a second thought.

  • Don’t forget email marketing: The email marketing concept can be an old traditional way of marketing. But it is not obsolete. You can still think about this marketing practice to connect with your contacts directly. But wait, the new trending way to market via email is by using email newsletters through social channels.

Email marketing content is used to generate strong leads and build high revenue for the site. A recent LinkedIn study has proved that over 50% of B2B businesses are enjoying social traffic direct from LinkedIn and 80% of this traffic are derived from published content and email distribution channel. Hence, when you are prioritizing leads for your business, you must pay attention to your email content.

Use your engaging content as an email message. You can create your own personalized email message or can use a beautiful template. It increases the transaction rate by 6x. From securing leads, nurturing, and converting them into valuable customers, email newsletters are too responsible.


So, as you can see, content marketing goes hand to hand with any digital marketing practices. Even if you visit the PPC agencies or go for social media marketing services in Delhi or Kolkata, you will have to put emphasis on content marketing.

The trends mentioned above will surely make your business a hit if you incorporate them properly.    

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